HireFX is the leading Recruitment Software Service for repeat or multiple hiring – anywhere in the world, in any language.

Focusing on the recruitment process, HireFX exploits the power of the internet and Interactive Voice Response technology to deliver a unique tool to your in-house recruiters.

Your profits are being hurt by high recruitment costs, unacceptable employee turnover rates and under performing new hires. At HireFX we decrease these direct and indirect costs associated with operating a Call Center, and in turn raise your profit margin.
Our clients operate more effectively because we help them hire and retain high quality candidates before their competitors can.

Achieving Recruitment Success

The most effective organizations are continually able to:

Decrease Hiring Time
Screen More Effectively
Reduce Employee Turnover

"This solution allows a company’s HR function to shift high volume staffing transactions to HireFX whose core business is the optimization of recruitment processes, thereby allowing in-house Human Resource professionals to focus on their role as strategic business partners."
Stephen Ryan, Director of HR Georgia Pacific Corporation

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"... Yesterday I hired six out of eight candidates I interviewed."
Recruitment Specialist, North American Gas Utility
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